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About Alien Theorists Theorizing (CLASSIFIED)

Thank you Theorite. If you found yourself on this page, it means you are at least considering supporting your favorite podcast and we appreciate it. For $5 / month, you get access to the CLASSIFIED feed for Alien Theorists Theorizing! This private feed includes every Case File and Cosmic Channels, early and ad-free. You also get all bonus ATT confidential episodes (which are short Case Files), Dungeons and Dragons series, and all other content we produce exclusively. Plus, an invite to our private discord server and the best podcast community around! Discord is also a direct line to each of the Theorists, reach out to any or all of us, anytime. Lastly, if you want to watch the show live, or view our back catalog of all live streams, you can watch our ugly mugs whenever you want. Thanks for joining the 1%, the true fans, and top Theorites. We appreciate it. 

Cheers Braden, Zel, Dan and Andrew.
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